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Top Story March 8, 2011
Wisconsin: Beyond The Politics, Risk Managers Keep Government Running
By Caroline McDonald
A public protest in Wisconsin over a proposal that could cripple public unions is a concern to public risk managers, not because of the political issues involved but because of potential risks to people and property, according to the president of the Public Risk Management Association…Read more
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Can Charlie Sheen Be Insured?
By Caroline McDonald
The antics of major Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen have resulted in the cancellation of a multimillion-dollar production and put an entire cast and crew out of work, begging the question: Can this actor still be insured?…Read more
Mideast Political Risk Losses Proving Difficult To Determine
By Mark E. Ruquet
The upheaval in the Middle East is rattling political risk clients who are relying on rumors and sparse pieces of information to determine if they will be subject to losses in the region, according to brokers familiar with the risk…Read more

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Tenn. Could Become Regional Captive Leader
By Caroline McDonald
With a new insurance commissioner and the governor standing behind Tennessee's captive insurance program, the state has most of what it needs to be a leader in the region, according to a captive expert…Read more
NICB: Questionable Claims Up 24 Percent Since 2008
By Eric Gilkey
Questionable claims referred to the National Insurance Crime Bureau have risen by 24 percent since 2008, driven by large percentage increases in auto glass fraud and inflated towing/storage bills…Read more
RMS Releases Latest U.S. Hurricane Models
By Staff Writer
Risk Management Solutions (RMS) released an upgrade to its U.S. Hurricane Model, incorporating new datasets and scientific developments to advance the industry's view of U.S. hurricane risk…Read more
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