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Top Story February 8, 2011
Third-Party Retaliation Barred By U.S. Supreme Court
By Caroline McDonald
A company may not retaliate against an employee by firing a third party, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently, giving employees more backing to sue for retaliation…Read more
More Risk News
Egypt Turmoil Provides Risk Management Lesson for Evacuated NYU Students
By Caroline McDonald
It's critical that risk managers with staff and locations abroad make sure their contingency plans are up to date and workable, said the risk manager of New York University, who on Sunday evacuated students and staff from Egypt following political turmoil in the country…Read more
NRRA Seeks To Halt Nev. Risk Retention Group Restrictions
By Caroline McDonald
The National Risk Retention Association this week requested a federal court order to prevent the Nevada Division of Insurance (NDI) from enforcing a cease-and-desist order preventing a Vermont-chartered risk retention group from operating in the state…Read more

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Public Sector Recovery Lag, Medical Inflation Pressuring Risk Managers
By Caroline McDonald
The public risk management sector, hit hard by the economic downturn, will see belt-tightening a while longer as positive changes in the economy take hold, according to a workers' compensation and risk management expert…Read more
Calif.'s Gov. Brown Takes Next Step; Cuts Auto Usage
By Caroline McDonald
In my last blog, I applauded California Governor Jerry Brown's move to cut excess cell phones for state employees and suggested he look into auto usage as well. Now I find he has done just that…Read more
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