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AA&B's most popular July articles

Connect and evolve with new agency technology
Learn to use new technology to your advantage and see the results of AA&B's informal technology poll. Read more here.

Risks are high for employment lawsuits—and so are opportunities
The buzz among some agents is that sales of EPL, D&O, and E&O insurance are expanding at a brisk pace, and for compelling reasons. Read about it here.

Market to LGBT community
Selling personal lines insurance products to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is part of a diverse marketing strategy that an agent can use to gain additional clients. Read more here.

Reach the mobile generation
Young agent Joshua Batushansky examines the importance of connecting with the next generation of customers. Read more here.

The importance of budgeting and forecasting
Because today's insurance market can turn quickly—especially in an uncertain economy—agents and brokers should be prepared with a firm grasp of their business's cash position. Read more here.

AA&B Pulse

Each week we ask our readers for input on current industry issues. This week's question:

At what age do you plan to retire?

• By 50
• Between 50 and 60
• Between 60 and 70
• 70 or over
• Retirement? What's that?

We want your opinion! Take AA&B's poll here.

Poll results from July

1. Is your business affected by Congress' failure to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program?

• Yes — 64.8%
• No — 17.6%
• Not yet, but it might be — 17.6%


2. Are you taking a vacation this year?

• Yes — 62.2%
• No — 32.1%
• Not sure yet — 5.7%


3. Will the soft market last another 3 years?

• Yes, at least — 30.8%
• No, it will harden sooner — 30.8%
• I'm not sure — 38.4%


3. What are your business' plans for the second half of 2010?

• We plan to hire — 13.8%
• We plan to be busier — 37.9%
• We plan layoffs — 10.4%
• No change from first half — 31.0%
• Don't know — 6.9%

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