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AA&B's most popular April articles

The new healthcare law: What it means for agents and brokers
It's heeeere…and in spite of all the angst, passage of the healthcare reform law could mean new sales and consulting opportunities for agents and brokers. Read our interview with a professional who was privy to the Capitol Hill healthcare reform discussions to learn what you can really expect from the controversial new law. Read the story here.

Palin's speaking fee at university sparks outcry
A state senator said state agencies are barred by state law from entering into confidentiality agreements regarding the spending of taxpayer money. Read more here.

Tax filings, financial statements—and new pitfalls
We're closing in on the end of tax time and year-end financial reporting for many in the insurance industry. But this year is a little different: banks and other lenders are being especially careful about financial statements, for any justifiable reason. Bob Pettinicchi, head of InsurBanc, writes about the red flags and suggests ways to avoid them here.

NFIP: More of the same
It's the middle of spring flood season, and Congress's failure to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program is putting consumers and insurance agents in a tough situation. Learn about the latest in legislative developments and how you can advise your clients in the meantime. Read the story here.

Uncover the risks in the alternative energy market
Where there is opportunity, there is risk. Learn some of the risks—and risk management opportunities—associated with the commercial deployment of low-carbon fuel and power sources. Read more from Lindene Patton, chief climate officer at Zurich, and author of our April cover story.

AA&B Pulse

Each week we ask our readers for input on current industry issues. This week's question:

Besides the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, which volcanic eruption over the last 50 years incurred the highest economic losses?

• 1982, Mount Galunggung, Indonesia
• 1994, Rabaul/Tavavur, Papua New Guinea
• 1982, El Chichon, Mexico
• 1985, Nevado Del Ruiz, Colombia
• 1983, Mount Gamalama, Indonesia

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Poll results from April

1. Fortune recently released its list of "most admired" property-casualty companies. Which is your personal favorite?

• Berkshire Hathaway — 25%
• Zurich Financial Services — 10%
• Swiss Reinsurance — 0%
• Travelers — 60%
• Munich Reinsurance America — 5%


2. Which group least understands small business?

• Wall Street — 16.7%
• Congress — 25%
• Lenders — 0%
• Obama administration — 50%
• Consumers — 8.3%


3. Which social network sites does your company block?

• Facebook — 41.6%
• LinkedIn — 4.2%
• Twitter — 8.3%
• YouTube — 16.7%
• None — 29.2%

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