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How well do you know recalls?
Toyota is just the latest in a long line of well-known companies hit by product recalls. How much do you know about some of the most famous recalls of all time? Take a quick poll and test your knowledge; we'll publish the results in the WrapUp newsletter later this month. Take the poll here.

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What do agents want? You might be surprised
Conferences, luncheons and speaker events can be great tools for insurance agents. But a recent Mintel survey revealed most agents would rather stay at their desks to take care of business. Read why here.

In an automation rut? Move the paint can
Owners invest time and money in their agency management systems, but frequently fail to unlock real value because they don't take the time to educate themselves on its capabilities. Learn a few simple but overlooked tips on how to better use your automation system. Read more here.

Make insurance cool to fifth graders
At a time when new talent recruitment and retention is crucial, the insurance industry needs to be smarter than a fifth grader. Learn how Jimcor Agencies' director of marketing Donna Chiapperino brought the lesson of insurance to her son's fifth-grade class, and learned a few lessons herself. Read more here.

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