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Virtual Viewpoints January 25, 2011
What should carriers focus on first when beginning a business intelligence project?
By Karen Pauli
Getting your data in order is the first step, but successful business intelligence projects also call for a strong focus on where BI fits in with your business processes. That's why many companies are linking BI and BPM hand-in-hand…Read more
Technology Benefits from Managing Policies, Procedures
By Pam Ewing, Steve Taylor
Insurers face the threefold challenge of conforming to the laws and regulations specific to the states in which they operate, staying ahead of changes to those laws and regulations, and complying with federal laws and regulations that affect them…Read more
Technology Continues Changing Insurance Landscape
By Robert Regis Hyle
Matt Josefowicz over at Novarica had an interesting blog last week that examined three issues that he feels will have a huge effect on the insurance industry over the course of the next decade…Read more

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Your ECM Scorecard: Five Key Features Your Solution Must Have to Maximize the Benefits of ECM
Sponsored By Perceptive Software
Enterprise content management (ECM) lets you take control of unstructured content—such as FNOLs, FROLs, field reports and other claim file components—and make it available whenever and wherever it's needed, so your business can run more efficiently…Read more
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