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Editor's Choice February 24, 2010
How Not to Handle Property Coverage
By Lynne McChristian
Florida's residual market, Citizens Property Insurance Corp., has about three-and-a-half times more exposure to loss than the combined residual markets in seven other hurricane-prone states. That growth in the state's so-called "market of last resort" is a combination of political pressure and geography…Read more
Top News
The Continuing Challenges of Florida's E&S Market
By Joan E. Collier
Because of its unique position in the industry, excess and surplus operations are relatively free of regulatory interference. E&S is not, however, immune to the problems of the overall economy. In Florida, the trending for E&S premiums written has been a fairly consistent drop off for the past several years…Read more
This Year's Major Insurance Bill Targets Sinkhole Claims
By Gary Fineout
For the third year in a row, Florida lawmakers have unveiled a major property insurance bill. This year's bill, SB 408, seeks to make sweeping changes to everything from sinkhole coverage to how much policyholders could get paid after damages to their home…Read more

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Fla. Stops Health Care Law Implementation
By Arthur D. Postal
Florida has shut down its implementation of the health care reform law in the wake of a decision by a Pensacola federal judge declaring the law unconstitutional. According to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act "is not now in effect in Florida."…Read more
Cat Losses, Auto Fraud In N.Y. And Fla. Drive Down Allstate Results
By Chad Hemenway
Rampant auto insurance fraud hit Allstate Corp. hard in 2010. Auto bodily injury and damage frequencies were at their highest levels in six years, mainly due to conditions in New York and Florida, the company said in releasing its fourth quarter results…Read more
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