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Editor's Choice January 27, 2010
Blending the Florida Hurricane Cat Fund and Traditional Reinsurance
By Justin O'Keefe
In Florida, when selling excess of loss coverage for residential risks, incorporating the effect of the state-run Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund adds complexity to otherwise straightforward deals…Read more
Top News
Let's Get to Work! A New Administration May Bring Sweeping Changes to Workers' Comp
By Thomas J. Maida, Wes Strickland
New Florida Gov. Rick Scott has pledged to reduce workers' compensation costs by 35 percent. A rate reduction of that magnitude would likely require significant reductions in benefits paid to injured workers. While the governor's mission may be clear, what is less clear is the 2011 Florida Legislature's appetite for benefit reforms…Read more
Citizens Expected to Expand in 2011
By Gary Fineout
Citizens Property Insurance Corp., which has swelled and shrunk in size over the last few years, is headed in the wrong direction yet again. Florida's largest property insurer is expected to grow to 1.44 million policies by the end of the year…Read more

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Management Shake-Up At Brown & Brown
By Mark E. Ruquet
Brown & Brown, one of the largest insurance intermediaries in the country, has undergone a major shake-up at its top levels. The Florida-based corporation, which has a history of strong M&A activity, has replaced its chief acquisition officer and named two new regional presidents…Read more
State Farm, Fla. Surgery Center Exchange Lawsuits Over Alleged Fraud
By Chad Hemenway
State Farm has filed a federal lawsuit against Palm Beach Surgery Center and related parties, alleging they embarked on an intricate scheme to defraud the insurer out of $13 million…Read more
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