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Web Exclusive March 2, 2011
Avoiding New Claims System Disappointment
By Susan Case
Just like buying a home, investing in a claims system is a major financial decision, and making a prudent decision means knowing how to look beyond the bells and whistles of a demo. Consider these six factors to ensure that you are working with a solid foundation. Read more
Top News
Flagstone Re Issues Australia 1Q Cat Loss Estimate; Validus Issues NZ Quake Estimate
By Chad Hemenway
Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings estimate losses from natural catastrophes in Australia during the first quarter to be between $60 million and $80 million, while Validus Holdings said last week's New Zealand earthquake could cost the company between $25 million and $50 million. Read more
Crawford & Co. Reports Strong 2010 Results
By Staff Writer
The company's latest report cites record revenues that represent a marked increase compared to the same period in 2009. Find out how the numbers have changed here.

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A Costly Quake, A Crashed Ferrari, and Claims Systems — PC360_Claims Tweet Suite Digest
By Christina Bramlet
Claims Channel Editor Christina Bramlet is twittering every day about breaking news and timely topics, not to mention keeping readers up to date on the latest postings to the Claims channel on PropertyCasualty360.com.
Featured Fraud: Tinsel Town Treachery
By Marguerite Swallow
Two Calif. attorneys are the latest to be convicted in a large auto fraud scheme. Find out why authorities dubbed the year-long investigation "Operation Big Fish."
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