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Web Exclusive March 3, 2011
Businesses' need for credit insurance means opportunity for agents
By Robert Hawthorne
Even businesses with a good distribution of customers with strong credit histories buy credit insurance. Why? Because mitigating the risk of a bad debt is just one of the benefits. There are many more…Read more
Virtual Viewpoints
nGInsights: Social media is about availability
By Ryan Hanley
When you make yourself easily available to clients and prospects you build brand value, market your agency, and sell more policies…Read more
Agent for change: Readers respond to Watson, agent role
By Laura Mazzuca Toops
In a discussion that screams for Jeff Foxworthy as MC, we continue to ponder whether independent agents are smarter than plumbers or hairdressers—or, for that matter, a supercomputer…Read more

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Coverage for tenant improvements and betterments
By Diana Reitz
We writers and editors of FC&S Online have a good bit of interaction with our subscribers, and some of that involves lengthy discussions and even—can you believe it?—heated debate. One of the most common areas of disagreement is tenant improvements and betterments…Read more
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