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Web Exclusive February 17, 2011
4 Ways to Build Consistent Customer Service
By Jeffrey B. Kusch
Agencies can build a solid reputation for personal service delivery when observing the golden rule for all customers, all the time…Read more
Virtual Viewpoints
Insureds Without Cyber Policies Risk Falling Into CGL Coverage Holes
By Jordan Kurkowski
Every day small, medium and large businesses are victims of cyber crimes committed by hackers. Many insureds think their comprehensive general liability policies will cover these security breaches, but they are wrong…Read more
Agents: Are You Smarter Than a Supercomputer?
By Laura Mazzuca Toops
IBM's Watson super computer handily beat "Jeopardy!" wiz Ken Jennings. Today's answer is: Insurance agents. The correct question is: Whose job could Watson take over?…Read more

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7 Time Management Tips and Tricks for Agents
By Kenneth L. Fields
"Time management" is often one of the biggest challenges to insurance producers once they enter the business. Learn how you can better manage your most valuable commodity…Read more
Around the Industry
By Staff Writer
Hires and promotions PCI, RLI, Insurance Service, Willis and NIPR; news from Glens Falls, HIIG, Marsh & McLennan, Applied Systems, BRP, InVEST, Foremost, IIABNY and PLA…Read more
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